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Fear Less

When I first started this blog October of last year, I did so with the intention to share from both a teachers perspective, meaning short commentaries on Yoga or Ayurveda topics, and from a learners perspective, because well even after 20 years of study and practice, I am still learning.

With Yoga, I am learning how to listen and not merely through the orifices on each side of my head. But I’m learning the mechanics of my body so I can better understand when and how it can and needs to move and when it needs to pause and rest. I’m learning to listen to my belly for signs of true hunger and whether that hunger is for physical nourishment or its craving something that doesn’t start at the tip of my tongue. And I’m learning to listen with my heart so that I might hear the subtle sounds that emotions and experiences echo in the realms of the worlds within and around me.

Through Ayurveda, I’m learning to navigate the delicate balance of opposites, and how equality means steadiness in the direction I want to go. For example, when things get too hot, to find ways to cool off. When things get to fast, to encourage slowing down. When things feel too hard, to sink in to support. And when it’s time to take the bull by the horns, to muster the courage and strength to see things through to the end.

In these two philosophies, akin to two sides of the same coin, I’m slowly but surely learning how to live in a state of equanimity - a kind of levelheadedness that reflects patience and peace, confidence and composure so that I might one day live free from the pain of anxiety, guilt, doubt, and fear.

And this is why I’ve decided to step into 2024 with fearlessness top of mind. There are a lot of things I haven’t done because I’ve doubted my level of comprehension and/or ability. Or I’ve been afraid of what others might think, and never wanting to displease anyone, held back. But in holding back not only am I causing myself stress and anxiety, I am in a way hurting others for I am not living my dharma.

(Dharma, is a Sanskrit word that means ‘way of life’ and presents an opportunity for one to reflect on why one is brought into this world and the choices one makes on their journey through it).

This year, I choose fearlessness because for me, to live fearlessly means:

To question what I’m afraid of and work to dissolve it;

To learn from my mistakes and misfortunes and try again;

To show up and do the hard things;

To challenge old habits and adopt new ones;

To live with a courageous and willing heart;

And to breathe deep and trust the process.

There are a lot of things in my past I’m not proud of. But without them, I wouldn’t be the woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend or teacher I am today. And the more I release the death grip of guilt and shame of my past mistakes and unhealthy habits, the more capable I am in supporting others in their own healing and life journey.

So whether we connect in person in the coming months, or interact solely on this digital platform, I hope that in some small way the tips, tools and practices I share help you see, trust and know your most fearless Self.

Here’s to each of us, reminding each other, of how powerful we are.


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Happy New Year Michelle, I am grateful our paths have crossed you're an amazing inspiration to myself and so many on our journeys through life.

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